How to get sikuli-script.jar for Windows 64 bit machine

Instead of sikuli-script.jar you can use sikuli-java.jar as follows:

Download last setup from here https://launchpad.net/sikuli/sikulix/1.0.1/+download/sikuli-setup.jar
put it in in a dedicated folder (e.g d:\sikuli)
Run the downloaded jar file sikuli-setup.jar (a. Simply double click on sikuli-setup.jar or b. from command prompt execute the command: java -jar sikuli-setup.jar)
Choose options as shown
4 – Pack3: I only want to develop in Java or Jython…..

6 – I want the packages to be usable on windows, Mac and linux…..

and click on “Setup now” button

from coming up page, click on “Yes” button and Confirm download

Include sikuli-java.jar in your project build path (let eclipse just link to its location)

Usage sample here http://doc.sikuli.org/faq/030-java-dev.html