list of exceptions in Selenium

1. ConnectionClosedException: This exception takes place when there is a disconnection in the driver.

2. ElementClickInterceptedException: The command could not be completed as the element receiving the events is concealing the element which was requested clicked.

3. ElementNotInteractableException: This Selenium exception is thrown when an element is presented in the DOM but it is impossible to interact with such element.

4. ElementNotSelectableException: This Selenium exception is thrown when an element is presented in the DOM but you can be able to select. Hence, it is impossible to interact with.

5. ElementNotVisibleException: This type of Selenium exception takes place when existing element in DOM has a feature set as hidden. In this situation, elements are there, but you can not see and interact with the WebDriver.

6. ErrorHandler.UnknownServerException: Exception is used as a placeholder if the server returns an error without a stack trace.

7. ErrorInResponseException: This exception is thrown when a fault has occurred on the server side. You can see it happens when interacting with the Firefox extension or the remote driver server.

8. ImeActivationFailedException: This exception occurs when IME engine activation has failed.

9. ImeNotAvailableException: This exception takes place when IME support is unavailable.

10. InsecureCertificateException: Navigation made the user agent to hit a certificate warning, which is caused by an invalid or expired TLS certificate.

11. InvalidArgumentException: This Selenium exception is thrown if an argument does not belong to the expected type.

12. InvalidCookieDomainException: This happens when you try to add a cookie under a different domain rather than the current URL.

13. InvalidCoordinatesException: This happens if the coordinates offered to an interacting operation are not valid.

14. InvalidElementStateException: This Selenium exception occurs if a command cannot be finished as the element is invalid.

15. InvalidSessionIdException: Takes place when the given session ID is not included in the list of active sessions, which means the session does not exist or is inactive either.

16. InvalidSwitchToTargetException: Happens if frame or window target to be switched does not exist.

17. JavascriptException: This problem happens when executing JavaScript supplied by the user.

18. JsonException: Happens when you afford to get the session capabilities where the session is not created.

19. MoveTargetOutOfBoundsException: Takes place if the target provided to the ActionChains move() methodology is not valid. For example: out of document.

20. NoAlertPresentException: Happens when you switch to no presented alert.

21. NoSuchAttributeException: Occurs when the attribute of element could not be found.

22. NoSuchContextException: Happens in mobile device testing and is thrown by ContextAware.

23. NoSuchCookieException: This exception is thrown if there is no cookie matching with the given path name found amongst the associated cookies of the current browsing context’s active document.

24. NoSuchElementException: Happens if an element could not be found.

25. NoSuchFrameException: Takes place if frame target to be switch does not exist.

26. NoSuchWindowException: Occurs if window target to be switch does not exist.

27. NotFoundException: This exception is subclass of WebDriverException. It happens when an element on the DOM does not exist.

28. RemoteDriverServerException: This Selenium exception is thrown when server do not respond due to the problem that the capabilities described are not proper.

29. ScreenshotException: It is impossible to capture a screen.

30. ScriptTimeoutException: Thrown when executeAsyncScript takes more time than the given time limit to return the value.

31. SessionNotCreatedException: A new session could not be successfully created.

32. SessionNotFoundException: The WebDriver is performing the action right after you quit the browser.

33. StaleElementReferenceException: This Selenium exception happens if the web element is detached from the current DOM.

34. TimeoutException: Thrown when there is not enough time for a command to be completed.

35. UnableToCreateProfileException: You can open a browser with certain options using profiles, but sometimes a new version of Selenium driverserver or browser may not support the profiles.

36. UnableToSetCookieException: Occurs if a driver is unable to set a cookie.

37. UnexpectedAlertPresentException: This Selenium exception happens when there is the appearance of an unexpected alert.

38. UnexpectedTagNameException: Happens if a support class did not get a web element as expected.

39. UnhandledAlertException: It happens when there is an alert, but WebDriver is unable to perform Alert operation.

40. UnknownMethodException: Thrown when the requested command matching with a known URL but not matching with a methodology for that URL.

41. UnreachableBrowserException: This Selenium exception happens if the browser is unable to be opened or have crashed because of some reasons.

42. UnsupportedCommandException: Occurs when remote WebDriver does not send valid command as expected.

43. WebDriverException: This takes place when the WebDriver is performing the action right after you close the browser.