Selenium Topics

Selenium What you will learn

  • Design the Selenium Driver Class for local, remote, and third party grid support
  • Build Page Object Classes using the Selenium Page Object Model
  • Develop Data-Driven Test Classes using the TestNG framework
  • Encapsulate Data using the JSON Protocol
  • Build a Selenium Grid for RemoteWebDriver Testing
  • Construct Utility Classes for use in Synchronization, File I/O, Reporting and Test Listener Classes
  • Run the sample framework and see the benefits of a live data-driven framework in real-time  source

To fix failure cases you need to analyze/debug your failure cases. This needs a good reporting & alerting strategy, consisting:

  • a centralized system to collect data,
  • stacktrace for failure cases,
  • test/suite execution times,
  • alerting with build results,
  • count of passed and failed cases, and
  • bucketing of failed tests.  source