pre-integration-test phase not testable via cmd prompt

Some Phases Are Not Usually Called From the Command Line
The phases named with hyphenated-words (pre-*, post-*, or process-*) are not usually directly called from the command line. These phases sequence the build, producing intermediate results that are not useful outside the build. In the case of invoking integration-test, the environment may be left in a hanging state.

Code coverage tools such as Jacoco and execution container plugins such as Tomcat, Cargo, and Docker bind goals to the pre-integration-test phase to prepare the integration test container environment. These plugins also bind goals to the post-integration-test phase to collect coverage statistics or decommission the integration test container.

Failsafe and code coverage plugins bind goals to integration-test and verify phases. The net result is test and coverage reports are available after the verify phase. If integration-test were to be called from the command line, no reports are generated. Worse is that the integration test container environment is left in a hanging state; the Tomcat webserver or Docker instance is left running, and Maven may not even terminate by itself.