Java serialization questions

Question 6) If a class is Serializable but its super class in not, what will be the state of the instance variables inherited from super class after deserialization?
Java serialization process only continues in object hierarchy till the class is Serializable i.e. implements Serializable interface in Java and values of the instance variables inherited from super class will be initialized by calling constructor of Non-Serializable Super class during deserialization process. Once the constructor chaining will started it wouldn't be possible to stop that , hence even if classes higher in hierarchy implements Serializable interface , there constructor will be executed. As you see from the statement this Serialization interview question looks very tricky and tough but if you are familiar with key concepts its not that difficult.

Question 7) Can you Customize Serialization process or can you override default Serialization process in Java?
The answer is yes you can. We all know that for serializing an object ObjectOutputStream.writeObject (saveThisobject) is invoked and for reading object ObjectInputStream.readObject() is invoked but there is one more thing which Java Virtual Machine provides you is to define these two method in your class. I

Question 8) Suppose super class of a new class implement Serializable interface, how can you avoid new class to being serialized?
One of the tricky interview question in Serialization in Java. If Super Class of a Class already implements Serializable interface in Java then its already Serializable in Java, since you can not unimplemented an interface its not really possible to make it Non Serializable class but yes there is a way to avoid serialization of new class. To avoid Java serialization you need to implement writeObject() and readObject() method in your Class and need to throw NotSerializableException from those method.

11) What are the compatible changes and incompatible changes in Java Serialization Mechanism?
The real challenge lies with change in class structure by adding any field, method or removing any field or method is that with already serialized object. As per Java Serialization specification adding any field or method comes under compatible change and changing class hierarchy or UN-implementing Serializable interfaces some under non compatible changes. For complete list of compatible and non compatible changes I would advise reading Java serialization specification.