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Unified Test Automation Framework (UTAF) Solution



UTAF is a one stop solution for providing script-less automation framework for testing web and mobile applications. The solution is built on the principles of a hybrid framework encapsulating keyword-driven and data-driven test approach.

An amalgamation of the existing Web Application Testing Automation Framework (WATAF) and Mobile Application Test Automation Framework (MATAF), UTAF is an easy-to-use, OS agnostic, platform independent Test Automation Framework that helps yield a higher ROI as the same scripts can be utilized across devices running on different OS and versions

Following are the distinctive features of our solution:

  • Browser Support – for Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari and variety of other browsers
  • Cross Platform Support – can be run on Linux, Windows or OS X
  • Device support – Android, iOS
  • Continuous Integration enabled
  • Third Party tools integrations: Bugzilla, JIRA, TestLink, SVN, GitHub
  • Cloud based test farm – support for SauceLabs, Selenium Grid
  • Integrated performance test – Web Service (REST) and Web Applications
  • Advanced Reporting – HTML, XML, customizable reports integrated with Outlook, Lotus
  • Parallel/sequential test execution support

Advantages of HSC’s UTAF:

  • Easy to use – no scripting required
  • East to maintain – test data abstraction from test scripts
  • High Reusability – keyword driven approach, same keywords can be used across project
  • Unified Solution – supporting both Web Application and Mobile Application Automation
  • Better collaboration – integration with JIRA, Jenkins, Bugzilla
  • Extensible – new keywords can be added as and when required

If you are looking for an OS agnostic, platform independent Test Automation Framework that helps yield a higher ROI, UTAF is the solution you need.

To know more about UTAF, reach out to us through the contact form below.