Consulting services

When business needs a significant technology investment, it’s important that you’re confident you are releasing a right product that support your delivery objectives.  That’s where Defectracker’s Consulting Services comes in.

Our deeply experienced consultants can help with every aspect of your software testing, test automation, data integration or migration–and our attention to detail and process will ensure you have a scalable, successful solution on time—and within budget.

Our automation frameworks support Junit, TestNG, Appium, JMeter, Selenium, Cucumber, JBehave, Winium, Mockito, JDBC, POJO, POM, PageFactory, Dependency injection framework by utilising industry standard code development patterns.

Our Services

  • Custom BDD Frameworks – meet the agile development pace with tailor made Automation framework

Our consultants will work with your team to establish few of capabilities from first month

                => Setup BDD driven automation frameworks with tailor made workflows

                => Support your teams to adopt and start using this framework

                => Setup CI process for monitoring automation code reliability


Reach out to us @ if you are looking to start automation without re-inventing the wheel with custom made solution to build, enhance enterprise wide automation frameworks that supports Desktop, WebApplication, MobileApplication, WebServices automation.