Setup delivery pipelines in Jenkins

Steps required to configure “Delivery pipeline” in Jenkins.


#1.  Create jobs which needs to be chained together to perform “Delivery pipeline” tasks / builds.

In order to configure “downstream jobs”:

a. Open a job configuration -> navigate to “Post-build Actions” section and select “Build other projects” checkbox

select a job to be executed as “Downstram job” from “Projects to build” text field


In order to configure “Upstram Jobs”

a. Open a job configuration -> navigate to “Build Trigger” section and select “Build after other projects are built” checkbox

select a job to be executed prior to current job by typing the job name in “Projects to watch” text field


#2. Install “Delivery pipeline” plugin

Navigate to:  Jenkins -> Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins

under “Available” tab search for “Delivery Pipeline Plugin” and install it to Jenkin’s instance


#3. Add delivery pipeline view

Create a new view of type “Delivery Pipeline View”

under “Pipelines” section check on “Components” checkbox  and type the job to be triggerred first in delivery pipeline.


Other options in this view:

  1. “Enable start of new pipeline build” ==> allows to start a build from delivery pipeline view
  2. “Enable rebuild” ==> allows to rebuild from existing pipeline

On the same pattern, Jenkins allows to configure “Build Pipelines” (for this we need to have “Build pipeline view” created as part of step 3 above)