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    pom.xml for picocontainer and cucumber jvm

    1.8 3.7.0 3.0.2 3.12.0 chrome abc org.apache.maven.plugins maven-compiler-plugin ${maven.compiler.version} ${java.version} ${java.version} io.cucumber cucumber-java ${cucumber.version} io.cucumber cucumber-java8 ${cucumber.version} io.cucumber cucumber-picocontainer ${cucumber.version} io.cucumber cucumber-testng ${cucumber.version} junit junit org.seleniumhq.selenium selenium-java ${selenium.version}

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  • 14

    Inversion of control / Dependency injection — what is it?

    Assume you depend on two or objects to create a functional representation of “Add to cart” implementation.  This can be achieved traditionally via: create objects of all dependencies and...

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